Deus Ex: Mankind Divided new trailer tackles the tough questions

Deus Ex

Square Enix have just released a trailer for Deus Ex to try and settle the record once and for all: how to pronounce the damn game name. Yeah, I don’t know what the hell this is either. I certainly never asked for it. 

Not long to wait for the game, which will definitely be better than this trailer, now – keep track with our list of upcoming PC games.

Do a Sex. Juice Ex. Juice Eggs. Day of Sex. It’s that last one: Day-oos-ex. Day of Sex. You don’t need to watch this now.

Saying that, there is a little bit of game footage at the start, so maybe watch it for that. The rest is just a bit pants.

There’s a segment where people on the street are asked to pronounce the game and the corner of my mouth raised slightly. Following that, there’s a guy who reads the Wikipedia page for the phrase ‘deus ex machina’ – god from the machine. You probably already knew that, but you’re about to get told anyway.

Watch the first 30 seconds of game footage at least. Video below: