Deus Ex trailer celebrates 15th birthday, recaps plot


It’s been a few months past the fifteen year mark for Deus Ex now (released June 22 2000), and will be even more by the time Mankind Divided is released, but that won’t stop the Square Enix nostalgia engine pumping out videos and references. The latest is a nicely put together animated movie that vaguely recaps the plots of previous games and introduces the cyber-world for anyone that might be unfamiliar.

Deus Ex easily made it into our picks for the best RPGs.

If you happen to be unaware, there isn’t actually a bit in Deus Ex where Adam Jensen flies into the air on feathered wings, as much as this implies that is the truth. It isn’t even one of those in-game hallucinations every triple-A game has been doing since the late 00s, just a cutscene metaphor for the fact his arms have been reduced to shards of bone and gristle. Then they give him the sexy robot ones.

I assume at some point after that it turns out that’s a dilemma rather than just rad as hell, given the tone of this and the games as a whole. I was a bit busy introducing bad guys to the powerful chisels I now had jutting from my elbows to notice hand-wringing on the state of humanity.

That’s to be the main plot point of Mankind Divided, as you may have guessed from its title – the continuing gap between augmented humans like Jensen and the unwashed, unimproved masses. Probably a dash of conspiracy in there too. It’s out February 23rd and the pre-order options have been remarkably simplified in recent days.

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