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Diablo 4 will have a base game, expansions, and “will not sell Power”

Blizzard revealed a little about Diablo IV monetization and trade, and confirmed "we will not sell Power".

Diablo IV has now been revealed, and there is much rejoicing amongst fans as the industry’s worst-kept secret was announced at last – however, there is wariness too, after how Diablo III handled monetization at launch with its much-derided Auction House.

In a question and answer session in a follow-up Diablo IV panel at Blizzcon today, Blizzard developers spoke a little about how the studio would be handled Diablo IV monetization. It’s still extremely early days for the project – as it’s not coming out remotely soon – but lead game designer Joe Shely was at least able to confirm, “we will sell a base game, and expansions. I can also confirm that we will not sell Power.”

More to follow.

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