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Diablo 4 has a “contiguous” open-world with weather and day-night cycles

A non-linear campaign will let you explore an ARPG world however you like

It’s official – Diablo IV is coming. Blizzard announced the game and showcased a taste of gameplay footage at the opening ceremony. It’s a “classic isometric ARPG” that builds on the designs of the original game. The Diablo IV classes – like Barbarian, Sorcerer, and Druid – certainly pay tribute to the past, but there are some big changes this time around, too.

Diablo IV will be set in a “contiguous” open-world, as the developers say all five of the game’s distinct regions will be directly connected to each other. You’ll run into different weather effects as you explore, and everything will run on a day-night cycle. Naturally, the world will spoke off into “hundreds” of dungeons. (And you’ll find “hundreds” of legendaries, too.)

To support that, the game has a non-linear campaign that ditches the traditional act structure of previous games. You can adventure and explore repeatable content as much as you like, and you also have the option to just plow straight through the story if you prefer.

You can group up with other players, MMO-style, to take on world events and big bosses. But Blizzard says you’ll be able to play through the whole game completely solo, if that’s how you prefer it.

Check out the gameplay trailer above.

The game’s also got mounts to facilitate the larger world, and your horses and such will be customisable with armour, trophies, and decorations. You’ll even get special dismount abilities depending on your class, which will let you deal some serious damage when hopping into the fight.