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Diablo 4 marketing has “no affiliation” with wildfires

An image of a Diablo 4 billboard shrouded in polluted air has gone viral, and one Blizzard staff member states the company has "no affiliation" with the fires.

A demonic woman with twisted horns on a golden backdrop looks into the camera menacingly

An image of a Diablo 4 poster advertising the RPG game in New York has gone viral on Twitter, framed by the wildfires that are currently decimating huge parts of Canada. In response, Activision Blizzard COO and EVP of corporate affairs Lulu Cheng Meservey has joked that the company’s Diablo 4 marketing has “no affiliation” with the wildfires.

Images of the Diablo 4 billboard against a bright orange sky have gone viral on Twitter, with users joking that the ‘welcome to hell’ caption is a little too close to Canada’s current reality.

Meservey has chosen to join in on the joke, quote tweeting one of the images and writing “I would like to clarify that Blizzard has no affiliation or partnership with the wildfires in Canada. In fact we are firmly against wildfires and condemn them in the strongest terms.”

A statement from Blizzard's COO discussing the Diablo 4's marketing campaign and the Canadian wildfires

Smoke from the wildfires has engulfed huge parts of the US east coast, with millions receiving warnings about polluted air. In Canada, the situation is worse, with the Washington Post claiming major cities like Toronto currently rank seven on the Air Quality Health index – indicating a “high risk” to health.

As a result, officials advise the use of masks when in outdoor spaces, and ask that you cover any vents and windows to ensure polluted air doesn’t enter your home. They also warn not to drive through a wildfire, but urge you to be prepared to evacuate your home if necessary.

The fires continue to blaze out of control, with some believing that these may be the worst that the country has seen in recent years.