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Blizzard needs YOU to test new Battle.net desktop app


Yes, you! Who else would I be talking to? Blizzard needs you to test out its snazzy new Battle.net desktop client so it can be one step closer to global domination. If you’re interested, I’ve got all the details to sign yourself up. If not, then I’ll just pressgang you.

We received a preview of the client last week thanks to a very unofficial tour from MMO Champion. Now Blizzard have spilled the beans on their “Battle.net-related testing”, but need volunteers to get their hands dirty and refine the desktop app.

If this tickles your fancy head over to your Battle.net Beta Profile and opt into at least one of the “game universe beta tests”. Beta invites will be sent out in waves so keep your pants on if you don’t get in immediately. And, you know, even if you do. Pants are an expected thing in this modern day and age.