BlizzCon 2013: the when, the whereabouts and a couple of vague whats


Blizzard’s annual will-they-won’t-they potential announce-a-thon is happening on the weekend beginning November 8th in Anaheim, California, about half an hour’s drive from the PC megamonolith’s Irvine headquarters.

“BlizzCon gives us a chance to connect with our players and share our latest projects in a very personal way,” said Blizzard patriarch Mike Morhaime. “Members from all of our gaming communities have helped make this event bigger and better every time, and we look forward to meeting up and celebrating with them in November.”

This year, there’ll be hands-on time with the latest versions of Blizz games – long after the release of Heart of the Swarm, so it’s anybody’s guess what’ll be available to play – developer panels, contests, merchandise and tournaments – the concluding chapters of Blizzard eSports in 2013, no less. Tickets and pricing will be announced on the official site sometimes in the several-month gulf between now and November.

Last October’s BlizzCon notably saw Mists of Pandaria unwrapped before public eyes for the very first time. Also the Foo Fighters. What are you hoping to see unmasked? Diablo 3’s promised expansion? Titan? Blizzard All-stars? No more pandas, please.