Redeem your Reaper of Souls key before March 31st and get the Demon Hunter for Heroes of the Storm

Unlock Demon Hunter for Heroes of the Storm

The Reaper is coming, the Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls specifically. Souls are indeed a form of currency for Blizzard. If you’re into that sort of thing, you might like to pick up Reaper of Souls. If you grab it and redeem your key before March 31st, you’ll get a couple of gifts from Blizzard. 

You can strut around Diablo 3 with some flaming Archangel wings and, this is probably a bigger deal, you’ll unlock Valla the Demon Hunter for Heroes of the Storm, when it eventually launches. Future rewards!

Valla is Diablo’s canon Demon Hunter, and the protagonist of Hatred and Discipline, the short story penned by Blizzard story lead, Micky Neilson.

She’s one of five Diablo characters announced for Heroes of the Storm, joining Sonya the Barbarian, Naziba the Witch Doctor, big bad Diablo himself and the Archangel Tyrael.

An Assassin hero, Valla will be all about damage, but she’ll be a bit more vulnerable compared to her Warrior counterparts.

Valla will be available for unlocking when Heroes of the Storm releases, and purchasing Reaper of Souls before March 31st will not guarantee access into the alpha or beta, Blizzard explained.

Hopefully – and presumably – there will be other ways to unlock Valla, either by purchasing her or unlocking her at a particular level. She’s a bad ass lady, so it would be a shame if everyone didn’t get a chance to play her.

To get both of these Reaper of Souls bonuses, you’ll need to redeem your key on before 11:59PM PST, March 31st.