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This new Steam horror game sees you fleeing a giant snake

Digested is a new Steam horror game all about a giant snake trying to eat you, and it could be one to watch in early 2024 and beyond.

Digested Steam: a selfie image of a person in a yellow hazmat suit, with a giant snake head emerging behind them

2024 already looks like a promising year for horror games, and upcoming indie Digested might just make the charts. A survival horror game where you need to escape before a giant snake eats you (yes, really), Digested looks like the perfect bite-sized experience for fans of games like Alien Isolation, Lethal Company, Slender, and a whole lot more.

Digested could be a horror game to look out for this year. With a simple premise, all it takes is the effective execution of what’s on show in the trailer below to have a short, but incredibly sweet, horror experience. You’ll need to find the navigation points on a map, use powerups, and carefully move around the terrain to escape, all while a massive snake slithers around you.

All you’ll have is a physical map and a compass on the randomized playspace, so you’ll need to plan out your route carefully, and then watch every step as you make your way around the map.

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Solo developer ‘karel’ says the price on Steam should be under $10, and while you’ll be able to beat a successful run in around 30 minutes the randomized nature of the game makes it easy to play again.

After hearing about the mechanics and seeing Digested in action it very much feels like Slender, but with a giant snake instead of a faceless man in a suit. I’ve played the original Resident Evil, I know which is scarier. You’ll find Digested over on Steam, ripe for a wishlist, right now.

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