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Dino Crisis meets Doom in new FPS, 25% off in the Steam Winter Sale

Want to take on a T-Rex with a shotgun? Dino Trauma, a retro-styled blend of Dino Crisis and Doom, is 25% off in the Steam Winter Sale.

A first-person view of a velociraptor dinosaur about to attack the player.

Was a Dino Crisis game on your Christmas list? Again? Capcom may not have delivered but Dino Trauma has all the saurian-shooting encounters you could want. And, thanks to the Steam Winter Sale, this Dino Crisis meets Doom FPS is 25% off.

If you’re a Dino Crisis fan you might be wondering if Capcom is trolling you. After doing very little with the IP, they give players a new dinosaur game and… it isn’t Dino Crisis. But Dino Trauma, a dino-heavy FPS game, currently in Steam Early Access, could be just what you need.

Developed by Phobia Interactive, Dino Trauma sends you to “a secret laboratory somewhere in eastern Europe” which, as horror movie fans will know, never ends well. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s filled with more dinosaurs than you can shake a stun stick at.

You stumble across a pistol pretty quickly so you’ve got more than just your low-powered zapper. But, like Dino Crisis, there’s a limited stock of ammo. In my case, I did a lot of peeking into rooms, quickly assessing my chances of survival before deciding whether to proceed. Yes, I’m a big coward, especially where dinosaurs are concerned.

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There’s only maybe two hours of gameplay, since this is an early access game. But I’ve loved what I’ve seen so far, and it nails Dino Crisis’ angular retro-aesthetic. There’s also a T-Rex to fight, though I’m not going to spoil the surprise and tell you where.

But the best thing about Dino Trauma, right now, is that it’s 25% off as part of the Steam Winter Sale. That brings it down to a measly £8.24/$9.74 on Steam, which is an absolute steal. If you’re a fan of dinosaur games or survival horror games, you’ll be in pointy-toothed heaven.

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