Dirty Bomb is now Extraction, will detonate at PAX


You might recall that last November that Splash Damage announced Dirty Bomb, an FPS set in an almost realistic future London. Well, they’ve thrown Dirty Bomb through the hatch. Just the title, though. The game’s pretty much intact, but will now answer to the name Extraction. A free-to-play title, Extraction has just picked up a publisher, and will be playable at PAX in Seattle this month. 

Splash Damage announced on their blog that Extraction will be operated in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand by Nexon. The publisher specialises in free-to-play operations, being most well known for Vindictus. Splash Damage have emphasised that their partnership with Nexon will not alter their vision for Extraction, which is firmly against the pay-to-win approach.

Also explained in the blog is the reason behind the change of name, which Splash Damage assures us doesn’t mean the game design has changed. It’s simply down to trademarks; at the time of announcement Splash Damage were not sure if they would be able to secure Extraction, so opted to go with Dirty Bomb instead. With the aid of Nexon though, the team are confident that they’ll be able to grab the worldwide trademark.

If you’re looking to riddle London with bullet holes as early as possible, you’ll be able to play Extraction at PAX in Seattle this weekend, August 30th – September 2nd. You can also sign up for updates, which will do doubt give you the drop on beta announcements.