Dirty Bomb introduces Nader, a lawyer turned grenade enthusiast

Dirty Bomb Nader

Dirty Bomb welcomes another new merc to the closed beta roster: Nader. She swapped her life as a business lawyer for a new career blowing up other mercenaries with lots of lovely bouncing grenades. Expect gibs. 

Nader’s default weapon is a punchy, rapid-firing SMG, but she’s really all about the grenades. She can launch individual grenades from her grenade launcher, or, if it’s all charged up, an entire salvo off them that obliterates the area.

You can sign up for the closed beta here, or splash out on the Merc Starter Pack on Steam to unlock five mercs and access to the beta.

Steve had a chat with Splash Damage about the future of Dirty Bomb. Also bum doctors and beat boxing.