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Disco Elysium gets a bunch of new mysteries and a big discount on Steam

There are some new mysteries to uncover in ZA/UM's beloved, highly acclaimed RPG

Disco Elysium puts you in the shoes of a troubled detective on a path to crack a murder case, so naturally there’s a whole lot of mystery to grapple with – and now developer ZA/UM has added even more to the beloved RPG. The studio has just launched a new patch called the Jamais Vu (‘never seen’) update to coincide with the holiday season and a big Steam-y discount on the Final Cut of the game which adds a batch of new mysteries to solve.

The announcement aptly comes heaped with plenty of mystery. “The static hisses in your ears as you slowly spin the dial,” it teases. “Nothing but warbling data from a planar anomaly. Is there anything at all? A small sadness creeps in. ‘…’ Wait! Go back. Between your finger and thumb the hiss becomes a hum and your hairs stand to their end. You hear the sounds of waves roaring; a formidable chorus of water.

“A small splash, and then… ‘… or weaker… now … dying is an art,’ it continues. “The static returns. But there is no doubt. A man’s voice, one you’ve never heard before, telling secrets from a place that could be anywhere and nowhere at all.” Hmm. Mysterious indeed.

The dev post on Steam reveals that ZA/UM has added some new mysteries to the game – eight, going by the teaser image shared, which have names that range from the simple (‘bother Kim after hours’) to the chaotic (’cause a shitstorm’).

Given they’re, y’know, mysteries, the studio doesn’t give much away. There are a few wee pointers, such as advice to stop and admire the scenery, “knock, knock, lieutenant” (whatever that means), and a slightly ominous one that mentions cold coastal waters washing up “the lost”. Gulp. The dev also encourages fans to play “strangely and thoroughly” to uncover the secrets.

This all arrives alongside a generous discount of 55% on Steam as part of Valve’s winter sale on the platform, with the offer ending on January 5. It’s enjoying the same discount over on the Epic Games Store, but the unlimited coupons being offered over there drop the price even lower.