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Watch Dishonored 2’s Emily and Corvo escape a death trap with an immense amount of violence

Dishonored 2 escapes

Dishonored 2 is a game you can play stealthily and for some reason people seem to think that means it’s the right way. Not true. Life is about death and violence as anyone following current world politics will understand, and thus Dishonored 2 has its own, similar paths. As seen above, breaking out of a trap for Corvo or Emily is as simple as mind-melding, shadow-forming and spleen-stabbing.

Here’s which character to choose in Dishonored 2.

Exactly what part of the game this takes place in isn’t clear, though the women with the fancy tattoos have shown up a couple of times in pre-release footage. It’s definitely still in Karnaca, based on the voiceover, and whether the trap is an optional one remains to be seen. We’d guess this sequence only happens if you mess up your stealthy approach earlier in the mission – deliberately or otherwise.

As for what it tells us about how the game plays, Emily definitely has the better of it murder-wise, eh? She’s deadlier, faster and it’s easier to clear out a room, while Corvo’s possession seems a little more difficult to use offensively – though all the more ingenious for it. Plenty to appreciate on both sides.