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Dishonored 2 trailer shows how level design marries art and story to form a believable space

Dishonored 2 Karnaca

Arkane Studios sure have an eye for detail. Whether they’re making sure in-game furniture and props could actually exist in real life – by getting someone to build them, of course – or weaving backstory through their environments, they’re always striving to make sure everything is cohesive. That’s why Dishonored 2’s Karnaca is looking like one of the most interesting videogame locations in recent memory. 

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Karnaca is strange enough for you to know that it’s not of our world, yet there’s still something familiar about its cobbled streets, slack-jawed locals and rooftop gardens. It’s fantastical but its roots are in the real world, giving it a believable edge.

The buildings and their architecture are folded into the land’s history, each part of the city telling you a tale about itself – like the city’s massive windbreaker tower that shelters the town from a brutal breeze.

It’s not all about story though. This time Arkane have made sure there are multiple ways to traverse the environment, so if you decide not to teleport onto the roofs with Blink, you can instead walk along wires or scramble up balconies.

See all that and more in the video above.