Dishonored dev diary discusses death-dealing


The latest diary from the developers of Dishonored, Arkane Studios, follows up ‘Inception‘ and ‘Immersion‘ with ‘Experience’. It details many of the ways you can stab, shoot, and in other ways harm people in the world of Dunwall.

As intriguing a visual style as Dishonored has, and it has a beautifullystylisedlook, it’s really the gameplay that we’re coming for. From the start the focus has been on the plethora of powers on offer, and the decisions those powers open up. So, the latest video from Arkane, five minutes exploring the sandbox engine and what it’s capable of is a welcome site.

Things I learned, corporeal possession sounds distinctly evil and I want to be able to try itmore than I want a cup of tea. Dunwall’s rats will do your thighs no good at all, and if we could stop time Nerf gun fights would be even better.

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