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Dishonored Dunwall City Trials DLC dated and detailed


Bethesda have revealed the first batch of DLC for Dishonored, the Dunwall City Trials, will be released on 4 December for a mere £4. They’ve not shown any footage of the game in action though new screens were released with the date announcement.

PCGamer spotted that Arkane Studios had posted a release date and new images over on the Dishonored Facebook page. This means that the details of the new DLC, Dunwall City Trials,published last monthon the Bethesda blogare all the more tantalising.

As Jeremy described them then, “Dunwall City Trials is designed to test your skills in combat, stealth and mobility – and might be the perfect opportunity to try out the parts of that triumvirate you haven’t yet specialised in.It’ll be made up of ten challenge maps, including an arena battle fought against waves of enemies, a “gravity-defying” series of drop assassinations, and an ambiguous “race against the clock”, sayBethesda. It’s due in December, at a quite reasonable $4.99.”

So, just one week to go till we can dust off the old copy of Dishonored and stalk Dunwall’s streets again.