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Dishonored sequel still on the cards, say Bethesda; “We try not to wade into anything as a one-off”


Arkane last spotted Bethesda man of marketing Pete Hines lining up Dishonored accolades in their Austin, Texas office car park to spell out the word ‘sequel’. Or so Hines’ comments last year would suggest. “We clearly have a new franchise,” he proudly proclaimed at the time.

In a recent chat with IGN, he seemed every bit as enthusiastic – and suggested that the future of the series lies in the hands of Arkane alone.

“In general, we try not to wade into anything as a one-off in the first place so yeah, for sure,” said Hines when asked about the sequel. “The success of that game and how proud Arkane is of it and what goes on at any studio when they put out something like that and all the ideas that are coming out, certainly it’s something that we feel is a franchise.”

Hines went on to talk up the independence Bethesda give the handful of studios they have scattered about the world.

“It’s specific to Arkane. What we do or don’t do on Dishonored has zero effect on Id, Tango, Machine Games,” he explained. “Each one, in some respects, kind of acts in a silo. It doesn’t really matter what those guys are making. ‘What are you good at? What are you going to work on next? Okay, that’s what we’re going to do.’ It’s as simple as that.”

That’s not exactly the chain of events rumoured to have followed the troubled Prey 2. After taking the reins of development from original developers Human Head, Bethesda are said to have passed the game over to the Austin wing of Arkane. Whether that’s poppycock, or whether the developer’s French studio will be handling development of a Dishonored sequel alone, remains to be seen.

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