Check out the first gameplay trailer for former Halo devs’ FPS, Disintegration

Disintegration, the first game from former Halo devs V1 Interactive, shows off combat in a new trailer

A trailer for Disintegration, the new game from studio V1 Interactive, has been unveiled at Gamescom 2019’s Opening Night Live. The game, which comes from a studio founded by former Halo devs, features both a single-player campaign and PvP multiplayer combat, in which you play as a specialist pilot in a post apocalyptic world – with a mission to “reboot humanity.”

The trailer kicks off with an introduction to the game’s protagonist, Romer Shoal, the pilot of a kind of hovering bike called a Gravcycle, who heads up a small resistance group of the “Integrated.” Integration in the game is a process that sees people’s brains preserved in robotic bodies – and Shoal’s group are trying to hold onto to the sense of their former human selves.

In the trailer Shoal alludes to the game’s plot, an ongoing fight against the Rayonne forces who are set on destroying what’s left of humanity, and a mission to restore it: “now we fight them any way we can. For what? For what’s left of humanity.”

Judging by the trailer, it looks like you’ll get to play the game from a first-person perspective, though unlike Halo, the game will see you take to the air rather than the ground. Shoal zooms around blasting ground-based enemy forces with the Gravcycle, using its mounted turret guns to take them out. You’ll also get to to command a crew based on foot using units’ unique abilities to win some battles, with help from your own weapons and gear, of course.

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If you’re keen to check the trailer out for yourself, you can see it above.

There’s no specific release date given for Disintegration just yet, but it’s due to arrive sometime in 2020.