Disney is looking for developers to use its entire IP library to create games that promote healthy families

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The Disney Healthy Living Digital Project is a new idea from the House of Mouse to get developers working on new and exciting ideas that will inspire families to engage in healthier lifestyles. 

In collaboration with Creative England, a kitty of £95,000 has been set aside. To get their hands on the funding, developers must pitch a project based on any of Disney’s IP: be that Mickey Mouse, Pixar, Marvel, or Star Wars. 

“We know developers would love to work with those stories,” said Disney Interactive developer Matt Carroll. “Hopefully they can, for this project, do something a little different, something that isn’t the usual run-of-the-mill game that could be great commercially and hopefully a change for good as well.”

Disney are looking for anything interactive, from traditional game experiences to inventive experiences using augmented or virtual reality. With the amazing technology being shown off by PC tech companies recently, like Valve and HTC’s Vive VR or Microsoft’s HoloLens, expect PC developers to come up with some brilliant ideas.

“We’re interested in seeing how people use technology in different ways, who combine that with those stories [of our IP] to create something really compelling,” said Carroll.

Developers with an idea for the project, which should engage families on both a group and individual level, have until April 20th to submit an idea to Creative England. Three ideas will be chosen by Disney and Creative England, and granted £5,000 each to create a proof-of-concept prototype. The three prototypes will be judged by a panel, and the winner will be granted the remaining £80,000 funding. Disney hopes the chosen winner will have completed development of the project by February 2016.

What ideas would you pitch? Our Jules has come up with the idea of a Star Wars Broken Home simulator, where you’d have to reunite Luke, Leia, and Vader over a dinner-time conversation, choosing the correct responses to make sure the lightsabers are kept under the table and everyone settled their differences.

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