Larian tease “something wicked” coming to Divinity: Original Sin 2

larian divinity original sin 2 tease

You’ve probably heard us extol the quality of Divinity: Original Sin 2 by now. It’s very good, and every new story about its success is another chance to remind you all of how good it is – but judging by its sales success, most of you have already gotten the point. That’s why folks have gotten all fired up over a tweet Larian recently sent out that seems to be teasing something new.

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It’s a picture of a rotten apple labeled “We’ve heard a rumor that something wicked is coming,” and while that offers very little to go on, it’s so tantalizingly vague that everyone’s been running wild to name the possibilities. Here, have a look for yourself:

Some have taken it to mean a Switch port is incoming, though there’s no discernable reason for that other than “Switch port plz” has become the most predictable social media response this side of #Skate4.

The image of an apple might be more likely to suggest an incoming Mac version, and that logic seems significantly more sound if not for the fact that fruit is half-rotted and the rumor is “wicked.” Hardly seems the way to introduce your new platform, right?

It’s also entirely possible that this is the tease for some sort of Halloween event to hit Divinity: Original Sin 2, which could be a fun little addition to the game.