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A speedrunner beat Divinity: Original Sin 2 in less than 40 minutes

Divinity Original Sin 2

It’s been just under three weeks since Divinity: Original Sin II released. Just completing the game in that time would be an impressive feat – Larian’s RPG is, by some accounts, up to 80 hours long. However, one speedrunner has not only beat the game, but they managed to do so in less than 40 minutes.

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Speedrunner Onin clocked a time of 37 minutes and 48 seconds, shaving literal days off the time normally required to complete the game. A selection of chosen perks and gameplay exploits allowed Onin to jump around the game, avoiding fights and accessing content hours before it might otherwise have been possible.

If you want to try to emulate – or even beat – Onin’s time, you can check out their technique in the video above, but allow us to break it down for you a bit. Onin is playing as Fane, the game’s undead character who can steal people’s faces with his Mask of the Shapeshifter. As an Undead, Fane has access to the Play Dead ability, allowing him to quickly end fights before Onin teleports away.

That teleport is only possible because Onin is playing as a Lone Wolf, completing the game with no companions and gaining a bonus for doing so. Onin also uses another teleport, Tactical Retreat, in combination with stealth skill Cloak and Dagger, to keep stealthed while Fane jumps around the map far faster than he should be able to.

It’s been less than a month since the game released, so as Onin’s formula is further adapted, expect the overall time to drop even further. While we wait for the challengers to pour in, Larian will no doubt be happy to watch the sales creep up; they’d sold 600,000 copies of Divinity: Original Sin at last count.