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Divinity: Original Sin enters beta, adds witches, possibly cackling, and 400 improvements

Divinity: Original Sin enters beta

Divinity: Original Sin has just moved into beta. That means there’s a bounty of new things to play with, from proper character customisation to a plethora of new skills, even a brand-spanking new skill tree: witchcraft. Will players have to lug around cauldrons and practice cackling? Maybe. 

Larian boasts that it’s added a not insignificant 400 improvements to the game. The studio’s put together a video to show some of them off, so direct your eyes below. 

It is becoming extremely difficult not to start playing again. After enjoying the alpha when it arrived on Steam Early Access, I promised myself I wouldn’t touch it again until launch. I don’t know if I can keep this promise.

You can browse through the absolutely gargantuan changes Larian has made for the beta right here. That’s a lot to scroll through.

Are you tempted to jump back in, if you’ve already played during alpha, or are you holding off until it’s finished?