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Divinity: Original Sin 2 breaks through fourth stretch goal on Kickstarter


With its Kickstarter goal well and truly smashed within 12 hours, and with 23 days still to go, Divinity: Original Sin 2 looks on track to hit all of its stretch goals. It was only a week ago when Ben wrote about its speedy funding, and while it might have slowed down a little, the money just keeps rolling in. 

The latest stretch goal was for surpassing $1,200,000 and unlocks a new playable race, the Undead.

There will be three types of Undead to choose from, all of which have resisted the call of the afterlife in the Hall of Echoes, for various reasons. For example, Raised Ones have been reanimated by a necromancer, but have retained their consciousness and will.

Then there are the Faint Ones, who have resisted the call of the Hall of Echoes so long that their memories and purpose have been sapped by its pull. Lastly there are rumours of a group of civilised Undead who live to the north. Called the Chosen Ones, these discuss philosophy and dress in clothes fit for a highborn.

If you really dig the lore, it’s explained in much more detail in this update video:

The Undead won’t only come with unique lore, though, as Larian have proposed a bunch of new skills to suit the boney bastards: the Undead will regenerate while frozen and can’t heal while burning; they are immune to Fear and Bleed (obviously); and they also have a skill called Hand/Foot Grenade, which I hope is as amazing as it sounds. Check out the full details HERE.

If that’s not enough, the developers will be answering community questions in a livestream on September 9 at 7pm GMT.