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Divinity: Original Sin 2 smashes Kickstarter target, starts on stretch goals


I’m not surprised Divinity: Original Sin II made its target. I am a little shocked to see it rocket past it at such a rate, in under 12 hours, and now be sitting at just over $850,000. Trends this early in a Kickstarter mean nothing, but it is currently on track for somewhere in the eight figure range. It’s unlikely to make that, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit a million before the end of today. Developers Larian have been just as surprised and have just now gotten around to introducing stretch goals, two of which have already been broken, in a new update video.

Numbers and more details over on Kickstarter. With the hard Strategist Mode and Pick A Skill Tree already unlocked, next up is that sweet million that brings Racial Skills. As Swen Vincke explained, this expands your race choice from purely story-based consequences to giving you extra options in combat.

Currently the topmost goal is 1.5 million dollars for The Hall of Echoes, which sounds like a combination of player housing and a new dungeon. Given the current rate of money coming in and the nature of Kickstarter – a large bump in the final two days of a campaign – I’d expect the community will be able to match every goal Larian feels is reasonable. Newer studios have had problems with over-promising and scope-bloat in the past, but Larian are not only experienced when it comes to development, but with Kickstarter as well. Still, there’s the possibility of a ten million dollar campaign here if they play it right.

It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows for them. Another video documents the trials and tribulations they’ve faced since arriving in the States a few days ago.

I’m sure it’s been done before, but I found this super fascinating as an inside look at everything that goes on before even a Kickstarter can be launched. The travelling, the problems, the endless meetings and the worries as to who will think what, particularly based on what publication they are from. I think after the second laptop broke I would have been on the verge of a tear-filled rage-smash, so fair play to Larian on holding it together and launching their immediately successful venture.

December 2016 is the currently planned release date. Even with all of Larian’s experience, I’d expect a small slip on that one into early 2017, particularly as the game grows with more stretch goals. We’ll keep you posted all the way.