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Divinity: Original Sin 2 has been funded in under 12 hours

Divinity Original Sin 2

It seems like everyone loves RPGs, especially isometric classically-designed ones. Larian Studios launched their new Kickstarter campaign yesterday for the sequel to their massively successful Divinity: Original Sin, and backers have managed to hit the $500,000 target in less than 12 hours

This has taken Larian aback slightly. They don’t even have stretch goals finalised yet. 

The team hope to have stretch goals in place today, by which time backers will probably have amassed enough money to cover at least one. It seems like there’s no stopping people throwing their cash at this one.

And it’s no surprise really: Divinity: Original Sin was good. I mean really good. Despite being old school in look and feel, it was also incredibly fresh and innovative, with an amazing turn-based battle system that put emphasis on combining logical elemental effects. Who thought freezing puddles of blood so your enemies tripped over all the time could be so fun?

Original Sin 2 looks to be taking the series to another new high, and with the game now successfully funded, we’ll certainly be able to find out if Larian can achieve greatness once again.