The D&D movie has its villain

Hugh Grant is the villain of the D&D movie. Yes, that Hugh Grant

The Dungeons & Dragons movie – by which I definitely mean the upcoming, as-yet-untitled film, and not any of the terrible D&D adaptations that have come before – now has its villain. It’s, uh… It’s Hugh Grant. Yes, the same Hugh Grant you probably know best as the leading man for some of the biggest romantic comedies of the late 90s and early 2000s.

Who is this villain that Hugh Grant is going to bring to life? I don’t know! Nobody seems to know, in fact. Deadline reported on Grant’s casting earlier today, and he joins a list of stars including Sophia Lillis, Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, and Regé-Jean Page. But at this point there are no details on the plot or characters or, indeed, whether this will be a movie set in the world of D&D or one simply about playing D&D.

D&D certainly has plenty of rich lore spread across a variety of settings, built up through both books and videogames. Yet I’m still struggling to think of who you might want Hugh Grant to portray. Maybe somebody rolled a really dapper Baldur’s Gate 3 druid and got inspired?

Grant has certainly been in non-romcom roles, so I’m perhaps being a little too facetious about all this… But come on, it’s weird. Nobody’s revealed what this movie’s about and we’re going to have Chris Pine and Hugh Grant playing off of each other. That’s wild!

Anyway, RPG games. Feel free to use Hugh Grant as the starting point for your next character build.

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