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Do your eyes a favour: We’re giving away one copy of the Art of Titanfall

Art of Titanfall giveaway

Titanfall has landed; here’s our Titanfall review.

We do so adore you lovely people, and we know that you’re a bit keen on Respawn’s upcoming free-running mech shooter, Titanfall. We’re a bit keen on it too. So we’re giving away a copy of Titan Books’ The Art of Titanfall to one lucky bugger. Unfortunately you’ll also have to be one lucky Canadian or American bugger. Sorry, rest of the world. 

The Art of Titanfall features exclusive concept and development art, as well as insights into the world from the developers. We’ve already discussed how it details Titanfall’s exotic, sometimes dangerous, fauna. See below if you want a chance to put this on your coffee table. 

War is bleak, and in Titanfall, with its derelict buildings, dirt, smoke and dying men, it’s very bleak. But out of the bleakest wars comes some of the greatest art and most affecting poetry. So we want you to get creative and write a short poem – I know, it’s starting to feel like school – about mechs.

It could be a rhyming couplet about one pilot and his unrequited love for his Titan, or a haiku about punching Titans in the face. Go crazy.

Slap your Titan poem in the comments by Monday, then our panel of poetry experts and aficionados will pick the best one and shoot you over the book. Good luck!