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Titanfall art book suggests soldiers will be fighting alien monsters

Titanfall art book suggests soldiers will be fighting alien monsters

Titanfall has landed; here’s our Titanfall review.

In Titanfall you’ve already got great big lumbering mechs and folk with guns to worry about, but the Titanfall art book suggests that the fauna could rise up against you too. Bloody animals, always getting in the way of a good old-fashioned war. 

The book warns that these creatures “will walk or fly around levels harmlessly until people interfere. Others will attack when you just stare at them.” Of course you can just shoot them in their silly faces.

Titans and soldiers will be your main concern, “but the planets of the Frontier are also populated by bizarre and exotic animals that are equally dangerous, and often strike with the least provocation.”

It will be interesting to see how scripted these beasties are. The AI minions in Titanfall are a bit on the dull side, just running between objectives and rarely managing to actually shoot anything. But animals just going about their business, protecting their lairs or stalking fleshy humans could mix things up considerably.

Some of the aliens in the book look positively massive, towering above even the huge Titans. Respawn promised that Titanfall would have a bit of dynamism, though in the beta I’ve only seen the evac stuff which is far from dynamic. If these mammoth-sized monsters appeared on the battlefield, and foes had to work together to take it out before getting back to their little human war, well that would just be wonderful.

Cheers, PCGamer