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Topic of the Week: Does it matter to you if you don't finish a big RPG?

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Fallout 4's Far Habor DLC releases tomorrow. Its Maine island is the largest landmass Bethesda have ever produced for an add-on, and in another time, it would have been called an expansion. In a couple of weeks we'll have The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine too. Its green new land, Toussaint, rivals Novigrad, Skellige and Velen for size and tops 30 hours. CD Projekt RED planned for less but reportedly got carried away.

We've been trying to work out what the best RPG ever made is, but can't seem to settle on just one.

It's during months like these that you're reminded of the jobs you haggled over but didn't finish; the monsters you didn't kill, the lost sons you didn't save. Here's the question we're putting to you: how many big RPGs do you actually finish? And if you never did quite see the end of Pillars of Eternity or Divinity: Original Sin, how does that make you feel?

I'll go first. After 130 hours with Fallout 4, I've thoroughly explored 213 locations of 300+. Will I visit them all? Perhaps, but not out of any misguided sense of obligation. I already understand it better than most other games I've ever played. Fallout 4 is about violent archeology, like its predecessor - but for once doesn't leave you with a dead world filled with 'cleared' spaces. It's also a game about rebuilding, and those themes are reflected in its settlements and supply lines.

If I can really know a game, shouldn't that be the endgame? Rather than completing every last quest Bethesda made to justify the assets and animations they spent years putting together? It's not about finishing content, surely, but feeling content.

It's easy to believe otherwise. RPGs are always keen to tell you how much you haven't done, and that can gnaw at you, make you feel as if you haven't achieved. Does that bother you?

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Selarek Avatar
1 Year ago

Generally I always finish it. What I don't really care about are the DLCs. If i'm not wrong, the last DLCs I finished were with Skyrim.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

It really depends, there are so many factors.

Unlike a lot of people, I don't find gameplay the most stimulating factor. I'm not compelled by numbers, or mechanics, or any such. I find myself invested through the strength of a world's identity -- its histories, peoples, wisdoms, novelties, and tales.

So there are quotients to consider, there. And how much I'm going to enjoy a game is dependent on them. If it's strong, it's going to trigger wanderlust and I'll be invested. I'll likely power through the game and thoroughly enjoy myself, which happened with Xenoblade Chronicles X. If, however, what's on offer is overly safe, cloyingly familiar, and generic of identity? I'll lose interest very quickly.

Fallout 4 didn't hold my attention very long. Just long enough to find out that a.) it's a kill everything game, and b.) they were too cowardly to even go so far as to make the player a synth. Xenoblade Chronicles X, on the other hand, was all 'oh hey, surprise, you're a human-like robot and so are we all!' It was almost like XBX was put there to assuage my disappointment in Fallout 4 and provide me with something much, much, muuuch better on every conceivable level.

Honestly, the only part that was interesting about Fallout 4 was the implementation of power armour. Though two things with that, a.) is that I can get nearly the same experience in Fallout: New Vegas with mods, and b.) they kind of ruined it by giving a helicopter cockpit to a suit driven via a neural interface. The latter was just... I don't know. It was the biggest facepalm.

And you know how I feel about MECHS, SPACESHIPS, SPACE STATIONS, EVERYTHING IS JET FIGHTERS/ATTACK HELICOPTERS IN THE FUTURE! It really makes me twitch. In fact, it makes me angry. It makes me want to fight it because it's hilariously stupid. Especially in the case of power armour. Short of having sprouted little face arms via a bizarre mutation with which to operate the teeeeny, tiiiny HUD in front of the player's eyes in Fallout, I can't even understand why they thought that was at all a good idea. Worse was that there were people defending it as a 'PC master race choice.'

Honestly, there's just... There's only so much /picardfacepalm that can happen, you know?

So it really does depend on things. I'll either be invested and I'll finish it, even if over a prolonged time, or I'll just lose interest. Finished Undertale. Got fed up with and dumped Fallout 4. Finished Xenoblade Chronicles X. Got fed up with and dumped The Witcher 3.

Not the popular choices, I know. But I am me. What can I tell you?

Lolssi Avatar
1 Year ago

Thanks for the spoilers, no reason to play Xenoblade now :P

But I'm with you what I want from games even if we see them bit differently. Gameplay is usually the least important thing to me. Sure I grew up with Quakes and Unreals but I've played so much rpgs that that for example older Bethesda combat was just fine for me.

To the topic at hand I'd like to finish most games but don't just have that much time to play all I want these days.

Witcher 3 finished in 210 hours and I'll propably start it again once Blood & Wine gets released.

Fallout 4 I was weak and all the hype sucked me in when I found the game rather cheap from net. I managed to get maybe 30 hours before I got bored with all the combat and inventory management. I'd say it was worse than 3 and far cry from New Vegas which both and all the dlcs I completed.

DA: Inquisition I completed but it was bad. That game killed all the interest I had for franchise. First time I didn't bother with Bioware story dlcs. Actually this is game where combat was so bad that it actually hurt the game.

Pillars of Eternity was nice but somehow the story and world never took hold of me like other games. I put the game on hold once I hit the level cap.

Wasteland 2 and all three Shadowruns I've completed and enjoyed myself.

Divinity: Original Sin I cooped with friend. Took us about year with all waiting for updates plus we only managed to play couple hours per week. Backed the sequel also.

The Division doesn't really deserve to be on rpg list in my opinion but I completed all the missions and encounters once.

RPGs I've played good chunk but not finished Blackguards, Risen 3...

At the moment I'm mostly playing Elder Scrolls Online. At least they can make good quests and stories unlike Bethesda.

Aever Avatar
1 Year ago

Well, I try to, but rarely do. I have well over 100 hours in both Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 and can't say I'm anywhere near "completing" them. And it's not because I don't like those games anymore, it's more like something else catches my attention and then I find it hard to return to an "old" game when there is something new for me to play. With Skyrim I think I have over 300 hours, because when I do return what I've done so far feels alien, so I start a new character. 50-60 hours later and few months break, then the cycle repeats.

How does that make me feel. Hmm, feelings ... don't know, something like when you go to bed, you're almost asleep, but you keep getting a nagging feeling that you forgot the lights out in the basement or didn't check if the front door is locked. You know that you should go check to be able to sleep in peace, but it's so comfy not to.

Jack1982cp Avatar
Jack1982cp(31 days 10 hours played)
1 Year ago

If I enjoy a game I'll probably finish it, finish most of the sidequests I find, and look forward to there being more undiscovered content next time I feel like playing it. On the other hand if I don't enjoy a game I feel no need to finish anything - I've got a dozen games I'd probably enjoy more that I haven't even started on yet, and on top of that I've got my guitar playing, golf, movies to watch, tons of real-life stuff to do; the fact that there's some good content I'm missing out on in a game isn't of any concern to me.

tom.trog69 Avatar
tom.trog69(60 days 3 hours played)
1 Year ago

Fallout 3 is the only modern RPG I've ever finished. NV bores me after OWB/LR, I played so much side stuff in Skyrim that I had to go elsewhere for long stints and am still on my first character, and The Witcher: Wild Hunt; that's the strangest of all.

See, I upgraded my 780 to a 980ti just so I could play WH with Ultra settings @ 1440p. Then, when I started the game, my mobo started giving me issues, so I went ahead and had this z170 system built with the 980ti included.

But, as I finished the tutorial beginning, I found that the key-mapping is a nightmare for me. So many important keys just made me drop interest and move on to FO4. So here I am, with WH only started, 1100 hours into FO4, including Far Harbor mostly done, and I still haven't chosen a side, at level 94. I am likely the weirdest RPG gamer in existence.