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Don’t close your eyes: GOG.com’s Spring Insomnia Sale begins today

GOG.com Spring Insomnia Sale

GOG.com doesn’t want you to sleep. At least not until it’s emptied its digital warehouse. The Spring Insomnia Sale will be throwing up all manner of titles from classics to new games for up to 90 percent off. There will even be a few free games, for those lucky enough to spot them. 

But each promotion will only last for as long as it’s in stock. The more people that buy it, the quicker it will vanish, unveiling the next game on sale. 

GOG.com has got 100 titles to offer the sleep-deprived masses, from Divinity: Dragon Commander, which I liked rather a lot when I reviewed it last year, to depressing indie superstar, Papers, Please.

It kicked off today, and won’t end until all the limited digital stock has been consumed by hungry gamers.

Each game in the promotion gets its time to shine, but you won’t know what’s next on the list until it appears. If you’re wanting something specific, you might need to forgo sleep for the next couple of days. I’m sure you’ve done worse for cheap games.

Good luck!