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Don’t Starve devours own Steam record, ten years after launch

Beloved co-op survival game Don’t Starve Together breaks its own peak player count on Steam in spectacular style almost exactly ten years after its release.

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Don’t Starve just turned ten years old, and it’s more popular than it’s ever been. One of the longest-standing stalwarts among the best co-op survival games, the Don’t Starve Together player count on Steam has just been smashed as a hefty sale discount and new content update bring players back to the classic in floods.

Developer Klei Entertainment has brought out some fantastic games in the years since Don’t Starve first released on April 23, 2013, including the likes of cyberpunk XCOM-like Invisible, Inc., ceiling-hopping stealth game Mark of the Ninja Remastered, and roguelike deck-builder Griftlands, but Don’t Starve – and specifically the standalone multiplayer re-release, Don’t Starve Together – remains its most popular entry.

Previously, however, the game’s highest player count was during a free weekend in May 2019, where 68,418 players jumped in to try the game out or play with friends. While there have been a few peaks around 60,000 since then, the game has never reached those highs since, although its average player count shows a slow climb upwards over the years.

That all changed on April 28, following the release of Don’t Starve update Taking Root – the first in a three-part series titled “From Beyond.” This initial pack sees “Rifts spewing lunar energy” opening across the world, with creatures pouring out that have a notable penchant for gardening. Use them to your benefit, and you’ll be able to grow new plants and craft unique powerful equipment – but be wary of some of the more vicious foliage!

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Don’t Starve Together player count Steam

The Don’t Starve Together player count on Steam peaked at 96,046 on April 29. That’s a big jump over the previous record set just one day earlier, of 73,809 – itself topping anything Don’t Starve had managed previously. Clearly there’s plenty of excitement for the new update, then!

Also likely a factor is that Don’t Starve Together is on sale for 90% off, making it just $1.49 / £1.09 – but it’s even better than that, as you also get an extra copy to send to a friend. Not only will that encourage plenty of people to pick it up, but it also means they’ll bring a pal along with them, which goes even further towards explaining this recent boom in players.

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