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How long does it take to beat Doom Eternal’s story?

Wondering how long Doom Eternal will keep your attention for? Here's how long your playthrough will take

How long does it take to beat Doom Eternal? For a game as breathless as Doom Eternal, you’d be forgiven for thinking its solo campaign would be a brief ten or so hour stint, but after playing through it in full we’ve found it’s over double that. Both Rich and myself have completed Doom Eternal in full and have some notes for any prospective players wondering how many days of holiday they’ll need to book off.

Obviously, play times differ from person to person and in Doom Eternal factors like collectibles, difficulty, and how much lore you want to consume all play a factor. It’s also worth noting that Doom Eternal does have a multiplayer mode, heaps of replayability with ridiculous difficulty modifiers like one life only, and even an overarching progression system. So, if you really want to sink 100 hours into Bethesda and id Software’s latest then we’re certain that you can.

For the rest of us, however, here’s how long it takes to beat Doom Eternal.

How long is Doom Eternal?

Doom Eternal is 20 hours long.

Between Rich and myself, a full campaign playthrough of Doom Eternal with almost all collectibles takes between 23 and 25 hours. Rich played on the Ultra-Violence difficulty setting while I opted for the casual Hurt Me Plenty option.

However, thanks to a fast travel system that opens up at the end of every mission, hopping back through each of the levels to hoover up collectibles really wasn’t too tricky. If you just want to barrel through the whole game on normal then you could probably finish the Doom Eternal story in under 20 hours, and if you want you can even equip Doom Eternal Cheat Codes so you can march through every combat encounter spamming the BFG or the Doom Eternal Unmakyr.