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D4D project recreates Doom 2016 intro map in original Doom engine

Doom Intro Map In Doom

When id put retro Doom maps into their (very good) new version of the game, there was only one possible community response – the opposite. So began the D4D project to port Doom (4) into Doom, or at least the various upgraded versions of the engine that have been powering excellent custom maps for years. There’s already a mod that will add all the various weapons, but now maps are starting to appear, including the above.

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This was created by YouTuber DBThanatos and took a couple of weeks according to the Youtube description. The music was added to the video as it hasn’t been worked out yet if it’s possible to make the engine do the combat-switching sound tech that Doom 2016 uses, but other than that it’s all real. The new weapons and enemy sprites are particularly sweet.

Hopefully more is done with this, and given the quite active and passionate Doom WAD community we’ll probably end up with the whole game eventually. Expect it to pop up in the Cacoward next year. The zDoom forums have the progression thread.