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Doom’s free-for-all deathmatch is go as Free Update 3 rolls out


The prospect of a free-for-all deathmatch mode in Doom got our little Kirk all of a fluster when it was announced a couple of weeks ago. Like a kid before Christmas, we haven’t got the nerve to tell him it’s actually here, lest he gets so excited we can’t get him off to bed.

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Nevertheless – and as promised – deathmatch is now live in Doom thanks to the rather plainly named ‘Free Update 3‘, which (if you hadn’t guessed) can now be downloaded for free.

What’s more, the lovely folks at Bethesda have taken to Steam to tell us just what to expect from the update as a whole, with private matches also included in the package.

“Players are now able to create their own private matches in multiplayer,” says ‘JasonBethesda’ in the patch notes. Boy, I bet he got hell at school with that name. “When setting up your matches, you can determine the modes, maps, length of play time, and other match settings.”

Also included are a number of fixes and optimisations in the main campaign mode, including progression blocks, weapon problems and animation issues.

Finally, Bethesda has also improved the general stability of the SnapMap, as well as an assortment of different bug fixes and revisions. You can find the full list here. Now, can someone let Kirk know he can go play it now? Bless him.