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Sorry everyone but “campaign DLC for Doom isn’t on the table right now”


If you’ve been looking forward to the possibility of Doom getting some campaign DLC soon, you might want to take a seat. It looks like that’s not the focus at development studio id Software right now, as there’s nothing to be announced and it “isn’t on the table right now.” 

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This comes from Marty Stratton, one of the directors on Doom, via an interview we’ve had with him at Quakecon. We asked him whether, given we and many others are big fans of the single-player campaign in Doom, we might we see some single-player DLC soon?

“I can’t really talk too much about it, but campaign DLC for Doom isn’t on the table right now. We know you’re not the only one that feels that way, there’s a lot of us internally that feel the same way, so we know how important it is, and we want to make fans like you happy. So, as soon as we get down a path on something that we can talk about, we definitely will.”

While that doesn’t rule anything out further down the line, it looks like we won’t be seeing any campaign DLC for the foreseeable future. The only Doom content we know is coming is Doom VFR, arriving for PC on December 1. The multiplayer DLC, on the other hand, has gone free, so there’s at least a lot of Doom to play now, even if it’s not a new campaign.