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Doom mod transforms the FPS into merciless take on Minecraft

This Doom mod does an incredible job of covering the FPS game in the skin of Mojang's sandbox game Minecraft, with some brutal results

Doom mod transforms the FPS into merciless Minecraft. This image shows the Doom Slayer in front of a Minecraft background.

This Doom mod is a little different to most, because it’s not about changing the way the game plays as such, more just giving it a coat of paint that the FPS game probably shouldn’t have. That’s because it takes Mojang’s classic sandbox, Minecraft, and lets you rip and tear your way through it.

The Brutal Minecraft Eternal mod is a complete conversion for Doom that is less interested in getting Doom to run in Minecraft, which is old-hat anyway, and asks “what if Doom was just in Minecraft?” That means that you’re going to be running around in what feels like Doom, but fighting off zombies and creepers from the sandbox game instead of the usual demons you’re used to.

It’s a good mix between the two games because it blends not just the visual styles of them both, but also weaponry too. That means you can find yourself a Minecraft sword, but you can also pick up a rocket launcher if you want to as well. It’s all pretty hectic, to say the least, and it’s also got a few little Easter eggs tucked away, including a Minecraft-styled recreation of the first level of Doom 2.

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If you like the sound of this mash-up, you can go ahead and download it FreeGamePlanet. It’s weird to think of there being a crossover between the two games in terms of fandom, but realistically, Minecraft has never been just for kids, and you’d have a hard time stopping anyone with a computer playing some version of Doom anyway.

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