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Stunning Doom total conversion mod is basically like a new FEAR game

Doom, perhaps the greatest shooter ever made, is transformed into a new FEAR-like FPS with flashes of Alien thanks to a huge total conversion mod.

Doom mod new FEAR game: A huge alien monster attacks in Doom mod Siren

Doom is the gift that keeps on giving. Between Doom Eternal and the 2016 reboot, id Software’s epochal PC shooter feels just as alive as ever, but even the 1993 original is still thrilling and thriving in equal measure, as total conversion Doom mods provide a steady stream of nostalgic but modernized boomer shooters. Now it’s the turn of FEAR, the terrific, bullet-time horror FPS from Shadows of Mordor and Blood creator Monolith, to get the unofficial, spiritual successor treatment. Also incorporating the claustrophobic horror style of Aliens, it feels like we just got a brand-new FEAR game, courtesy of an enormous and stunning Doom total conversion.

This is Siren, which plays and feels like Doom at the surface level, but is arguably more reminiscent of FEAR and its sequels. With Halo, Doom 3, and of course the FEAR series itself, the ‘00s was a terrific time for FPS games. While Monolith, which also created the superb Condemned and Condemned 2, has seemingly moved onto Shadows of Mordor and the upcoming Wonder Woman game, if you miss FEAR and want to return to its ultra-bloody, fast-paced style of corridor shooter, Siren, available now, is 100% the game for you.

As part of a special, investigative commando team, you’re sent to a subterranean research base in the depths of Mars. Naturally, something has gone horribly wrong, and the most effective tools for uncovering the dark, demonic mystery are a plasma rifle and a gatling gun. Siren’s shadowy corridors, flickering lights, and bloodstained offices are plucked directly from FEAR’s Armacham building. Check out the trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Weapons are loud and meaty, enemies are plentiful, and scares arrive on the regular. Access computers to find lore-relevant data files. Fight frightening, dust-cloud ghosts that appear and vanish like Alma Wade. Siren’s environments also feel partly inspired by the clunky, malfunctioning tech of the Aliens series. Alien Isolation 2 might never happen, and we can only pine for the days of the Doom-esque Alien Trilogy, but this is more than a suitable substitute.

Gory, gorgeous, and deeply atmospheric, it’s hard to believe Siren is built on the same core tech as the original Doom. You can download the latest, improved version right here. Alternatively, there’s another recent Doom total conversion that serves as a new Indiana Jones game.

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