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Dota 2 battle pass quests are broken, locking away rewards

The Dota 2 battle pass that dropped in honour of TI 11 tasks players with completing quests, but even when they do so the MOBA isn't responding correctly

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The Dota 2 battle pass has been put through the grinder this year, with players slamming the MOBA‘s reward system for being far too grindy. With the TI 11 battle pass reaching its conclusion, several players have complained that quests aren’t unlocking the rewards once they’ve been completed – in fact, the game isn’t registering their hard work at all.

Since the battle pass released players have been complaining that upon completing challenges in-game no rewards have been dropping. While Valve has addressed issues with the amount of candy bags that were being awarded before and after the update, at the moment the issue with quests continues to fall on deaf ears.

“Yo Valve. WTF is this bulls**t quest?,” asks one angry fan on the game’s subreddit. “After six games of trying finally got a re-direct and didn’t even count for the weekly?! Remove this nonsense.” The player has also attached an image of said weekly challenge (entitled ‘No Solicitors’). The counter shows that 0/1 objectives have been completed, leaving its rewards locked behind a seemingly impenetrable wall.

They were quick to provide an update, writing “just won a second game where I re-directed him and nothing credited for quest. F**k this quest.”

Others have encountered a similar issue with the ‘Two to Tango’ quest, where once again it doesn’t appear to be tracking correctly. While apparently this is “already fixed,” some are still reporting errors. Another problem has been spotted with the “Regen quest,” which is also refusing to track correctly. All of this has culminated in some players claiming Valve “doesn’t give a f**k about us.”

Some have suggested trying to complete the quests in co-op against bots, but this doesn’t quite solve the issue. After all, players should be able to complete battle pass missions in the game mode of their choosing unless, like with League of Legends, you have to play a specific mode to unlock that reward (ARAM or Urf, for example). Hopefully Valve do a full sweep of the currently troublesome challenges to ensure they track, but for now it looks like you’ll have to toss a coin to lady luck.

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