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Reddit’s list of bugs in Dota 2 version 7.00 is almost 4,000 words long

Dota 2

Redditor DimitrijaT has taken the time to compile a list of every bug in the new version of Valve’s massive MOBA, Dota 2. Based on its length, it must have taken him a while.

It’s buggy, but at least it’s free. Here are some of the other best free games on Steam (we can’t promise they’ll have as many bugs, though).

The list can be found here. It totals 3,958 words, yet still a good number of its 500 comments come from users who want DimitrijaT to add a new bug to the list (as you can see from his profile, he’s been very diligent in curating it).

Among the more serious bugs, which we picked out just for fun, are: the game will crash “if you try to edit your profile and click on any of the three showcases”; you can’t sell items abandoned by your teammates; moving Aghanim’s Sceptre from your backpack does weird things for a couple of heroes; if you delay while picking a hero after draft in Captains mode, the draft screen won’t go away; autobuying or queuing item purchases ignores items acquired through disassembly; and all-random death match just straight “does not work”. We could go on.

Dota 2’s 7.00 update was a huge change, and has divided the playerbase between those who find the new ideas interesting and those who would rather Valve hadn’t tried to fix something that wasn’t broken. Most agree, however, that the number of issues introduced by the update has been pretty appalling.

To their credit, Valve have already released a 7.01 patch to fix some of these – notably the strength of new hero Monkey King – though the new version of the game has been out less than a month. Dota 2 is very important to Valve, consistently topping the most-played charts on Steam (with another of their games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, typically in second place). There’s little doubt that, given time, the list will shrink as they get to work fixing one of their biggest cash cows.