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Dota 2 patch lays waste to bugs, improves interface, removes Roshan hat


Another Dota 2 patch has launched, seemingly as final prep before ESL One Gentring which kicked off earlier today. This focuses on a batch of bug fixes, making the UI perform better, adding a few new cosmetic items and getting rid of Roshan’s Santa hat. Poor guy.

For the tremendous list of Dota 2 bugs still to fix, have a look there.

While many of the changes are pretty minor, a few have been highlighted by the community strongly. There’s also at least one user reporting they got a large fps boost when installing the patch, possibly due to optimisation improvements made to the UI.

There’s also a couple of additions, changing how miss notifications work for hitting targets with evasion / shooting uphill and fixing various problems with the pick phase.

Full changelog:

  • Improved overall performance of the in-game user interface.
  • Fixed a bug where Arc Warden’s Tempest Double could give a Moonshard to the main Hero.
  • Fixed a bug where a hero would sometimes try to purchase more items than was necessary when some items were locked.
  • Fixed Necrophos’ Death Pulse not removing its regen when the ability is no longer stolen by Rubick.
  • Moved the “Miss” message to appear over the target of the attack, and added an “Evade” message that appears over the target of a missed attack.
  • Fixed a bug where Helm of the Dominator’s health buff was purgable.
  • Fixed a bug where Storm Spirit’s Remnants sometimes did not take the correct pose.
  • Fix the interaction of Sniper’s Assassinate and moving an Aghanim’s scepter out of the backpack.
  • Fix the interaction of Luna’s Eclipse and moving an Aghanim’s scepter out of the backpack.
  • Fixed a bug where illusions of Tiny would always be carrying a tree.
  • Fixed a bug where Sentry Wards sometimes used the default model.
  • Fixed a bug where non-full bottles in the courier’s backpack did not slow the courier.
  • Fixed the interaction of auto-repeat right mouse and the minimap.
  • Fixed the user interface incorrectly displaying talents for stolen abilities.
  • Fixed hero images scaling incorrectly on hover in some aspect ratios.
  • Fixed the hero grid so all heroes fit at different screen resolutions.
  • Hero selection now allows typing the hero name immediately, without requiring a click.
  • Made the in-game chat scroll buttons will scroll when held down.
  • Fixed a bug with the emoticon picker.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed coaches to all chat.
  • Fixed a bug when adding sockets or adding or removing gems.
  • Fixed an issue with the effects for Legion Commander’s Press the Attack while wearing the Blades of Voth Domosh.
  • The cheat dota_range_display now works in sv_cheats 1 games hosted locally.
  • Fixed some styling issues with the hero grid not working properly in custom games with fewer than the full set of heroes.
  • Fixed a number of ability tooltips.
  • Fixed some interactions between the bots and wards.
  • Fixed bots waiting for primary runes at 0:00.
  • Updated bot item recipes for: Alchemist, Doom Bringer, Dragon Knight, Drow, Lion, Juggernaut, Kunkka, Lifestealer, Phantom Assassin, Razor, Skeleton King, Sniper, Spirit Breaker, Sven.
  • Removed Roshan’s hat.

This Reddit post has further details that weren’t in Valve’s announcement. There’s also some additional Source Film Maker improvements, for the creators out there.

Expect the patch rate to keep steady for a little while in the early months of the year, eventually dropping off as the bug list does. The creator of the bug list says that the list will be updated with these changes taken into account.

Do check out ESL One Gentring. Day one is just about wrapping up now.