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Dota 2 player recreates Valve’s “failed” Faceless Void concept in-game

Facefull Void

Yesterday, Valve released their highly anticipated Faceless Void remodel, which was slated as a compendium reward back at the Dota 2 International last year. In their blog post, they shared some “failed” concept designs for the hero – one of them being a version playing on the joke of giving the hero a face.

One Dota 2 player and modeller liked the comedic design so much, they’ve created their own version of the hero in-game, while pleading with Valve for it to be added to the game officially.

Here’s the model in action, created and modeled by Steam user MaxOfS2D:

Real talk: Valve have very strict guidelines on their hero creation and cosmetics; heroes must fit in with their lore and theme. Saying that however, there’s no reason to suggest players couldn’t use the model in a mod, where it would appear only on their local client.

Look out for something of that nature in the near future.