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Post-TI7 Dota 2 roster changes: Invictus and Vici have both confirmed their two lineups

Dota 2 roster changes

With The International 2017 over and Team Liquid crowned this year’s champions, it’s time for a reshuffle. Many teams use the period of competitive downtime that follows the end of the Dota 2 season to change up their rosters, meaning we’ll see a lot of players moving between teams. There’ll also be information about teams that are entirely disbanding, as well as teams who are confirming their rosters will be remaining the same as we head into the next competitive season. For reference, all posts are in chronological order by category, starting with the most recent.

As this year’s reshuffle begins, check out our list of the best Dota 2 players.

Confirmed Teams


Newbee have confirmed that their lineup will not be changing. Their team for the 2017/18 season will be KPII, Kaka, sccc, Faith, and Moogy.


Complexity Gaming

In a post on Twitter, comLexity revealed that Limmp and Chessie would be returning to the team. As such, their lineup for the 2017/18 season will beChessie, Limmp, Moo, melonzz, and Zfreek.

Digital Chaos

According to Reddit, the Digital Chaos roster was announced yesterday via Twitch. The roster for the 2017/18 season will beHFN, Yawar, Kingteka, Kingrd, and Matthew.

Invictus Gaming

In a Facebook post, Invictus Gaming have confirmed the lineups for both of their teams in the new season.

Invictus Gaming

Q, OP, Xxs, BoBoKai, and GazEoD


Flyby, Sakata, Srf, dogf1ghts, super


Following the departure of Swiftending from the team, Hellraisers have confirmed that he will be replaced by SexyBamboe, previously of mousesports and Evil Geniuses. In an official announcement, Hellraisers have confirmed that their lineup for the 2017/18 season will be33, Keyser, SexyBamboe, MiLAN, and j4.

Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming are expanding their organisation with the creation of a second team. A tweetby Stan King says that the new team will be based primarily in North America, with the original team remaining in China. The two teams have confirmed that their lineups for the 2017/18 season will be as follows:

VGJ.Thunder (China)

Sylar, Ghost, Yang, Fade, Ayo

VGJ.Storm (NA)

Stan King, SneyKing, FLEE, Ryoya, Ritsu

Team Secret

In an offical tweet, Team Secret have confirmed that their lineup for the 2017/18 season will beAce, MidOne, Fata, YapzOr, and Puppey.

Team Dire

According to Reddit, PPD’s team will be called Team Dire.

Zai has tweetedto confirm the lineup for the as-yet-unnamed team set up by ppd. The team’s lineup for the 2017/18 season will bePajkatt, CCnC, Zai, MiSeRy, and PPD himself.

SyndereN Team

SyndereN has confirmed that the lineup for his as-yet-unnamed team in the 2017/18 season will be Era, Mage, Jonassomfan, Handsken, SyndereN.

Natus Vincere

In an official announcement, Na’vi have confirmed that their lineup for the 2017/18 season will be Crystallize, Dendi, GeneRaL, RodjER, SoNNeikO.

LGD Gaming

In a post on weibo, LGD gaming have confirmed that their lineup for the 2017/18 season will be Ame, Maybe, fy, Yao, and Victoria.


In a Twitter post, embedded below, EHOME have confirmed that their lineup for the 2017/18 season will be old chicken, Cty, Faith_bian, Hym, and y`innocence.


In aFacebook post, OG have announced their fifth and final member. Their lineup for the 2017/18 season will be Fly,n0tail,JerAx, s4, and Resolut1on.

Evil Geniuses

With the return of Fear to active duty, EG have confirmed that their lineup for the 2017/18 season will beArteezy, SumaiL,UNiVeRsE,Cr1t, and Fear.

ex-Pheonix MVP

The former roster of Phoenix MVP have announced that they are reforming, according to atweet by QO. Their team name is yet to be confirmed, but their lineup for the 2017/18 season will be QO, Febby, Dubu, Forev, and MP.

Team Spirit

Anofficial announcementfrom Team Spirit has confirmed their roster. Their lineup for the 2017/18 season will be iLTW, Iceberg, DKPhobos, fng, and Biver.

Team w33

Atweetfrom w33haa has confirmed Team w33’s roster for next season. Their lineup for the 2017/18 season will be Timado, canceL^^, KheZu, w33haa, and Saksa.


Atweetfrom Jenkins has confirmed the Leviathan roster. Their lineup for the 2017/18 season will be BSJ, Noblewingz, Jenkins, Newsham, and Slayer.

Fire Dragoon

In a lengthy Twitlonger post about his place in the game since the end of the last TI, back in 2016, 343 has confirmed that he will be joining Fire Dragoon esports. Their lineup for the 2017/18 season will be 343, Alacrity, Yang, Brayant, and Ahjit.


In an official post, Fnatic have confirmed that their lineup for the 2017/18 season will be EternalEnVy, Xcalibur, Ohaiyo, DJ, and Pieliedie.

Clutch Gaming

In aFacebook video, CG have confirmed that their lineup for the 2017/18 season will be Jeyo, Boombacs, Bokerino, Armel, and Mac.


In aFacebookpost, WG.U have confirmed that their lineup for the 2017/18 season will be Meracle, Feero, Velo, sQreen, and Flysolo.

TNC Pro Team

In a post onFacebook, TNC Pro Team have confirmed that they will be staying together for the new season. TNC Pro Team’s lineup for the 2017/18 season will be Raven, Kuku, Sam_H, Tims, and 1437.

Team Secret (Rumour)

lgdamefanhas posted on Reddit detailing potential rosters for a number of teams. As it currently stands, Team Secret’s team for the 2017/18 season will be ace, midone, fata, yapzor, and puppey.

DC (Rumour)

lgdamefanhas posted on Reddit detailing potential rosters for a number of teams. As it currently stands, DC’s team for the 2017/18 season will be mason, abed, mss, bulba, and moonmeander.

OG (Rumour)

lgdamefanhas posted on Reddit detailing potential rosters for a number of teams. As it currently stands, Fnatic’s team for the 2017/18 season will be notail, reso, s4, jerax, and fly.

New Beginning

According toLiquipedia, New Beginning have a team that will be performing at theROG MASTERS 2017 Malaysia Qualifier. The New Beginnings team for the 2017/18 season will bekYxY, YamateH, nj, Net, and ling.

Fnatic (Rumour)

According to aTwitch commentby 343, Fnatic have an uncomfirmed roster. As it currently stands, Fnatic’s team for the 2017/18 season will be EE, xcalibur, dj, ohaiy,o and pie.

This roster has been corroborated bylgdamefan.


Following the arrival of iceiceice and JabZ to Mineski, the team for the 2017/18 season will be Nana, JabZ, iceiceice, mushi, and ninjaboogie.



With the release of Nando and the return of former player Gabbi to Execration, they have a full line-up for the 2017/18 season. Execration’s team for the 2017/18 season will be Gabbi, James, Raging Potato, RR, and LeumiK

Evil Geniuses (Rumour)

In an interview given before the knockout stages of The International, zai said that Evil Geniuses “will probably stay together after this TI.” Given EG’s relatively sudden exit from the tournament, this may have changed, but so far no official announcement has been made. As it currently stands, EG’s team for the 2017/18 season will be Arteezy, Suma1l, Zai, UNiVeRsE, and Cr1t-.

lgdamefanhas released a rumoured EG roster that replaces Zai with fear.


Virtus.Pro have confirmed in a video posted onTwitterthat “Disband is not happening.” While they’re obviously disappointed not to have progressed further in this year’s International, the team were very clear that they would be sticking together for next year’s tournament. Virtus.Pro’s team for the 2017/18 season will beRAMZES666,No[o]ne, 9pasha, LiL, and Solo.


Singularity’s team captain, El lisasH, hastweetedto confirm that the entire team will stay together in the 2017/18 season. Singularity’s team for the 2017/18 season will be Exotic_Deer, Nisha, Patos, El lisasH, and kacor.

Update, August 25: Singularity have been bought out of their contract with their parent organisation. In astatement, the team say that “Our team is parting ways with our current organisation – Team Singularity.” They go on to say “We would like to confirm that there will be no roster changes. We will play under our original name – Let’s Do It – until further announcement is made.


Mousesports’ manager Madaoposted in a Twitch chat“Mouz stay together fam,” implying that there will be no changes to the lineup. Mousesports’ team for the 2017 will be Madara, ThuG, SkyLark, Maybe Next Time, and SsaSpartan

Players leaving teams

Infamous – Benjaz

In a Facebook post, Infamous have confirmed that Benjaz will be leaving the team. The post does not give a reason for Benjaz’s departure, or say what he will be doing in the new season.


Hellraisers – Swiftending

Swiftending has tweetedto say he is “not part of HR anymore.” At the time of writing, the reason for his departure has not been given, but Swiftending says he will still be playing, saying “I’ll commit to dota heavily this year and see what it brings for me.”

Alliance – Pablo and Era

In a second official announcement, Alliance have said that they plan to rebuild their Dota 2 roster “entirely.” With this in mind, they have announced that Pablo and Era will also be leaving the team, following Handsken, Limmp and jonassomfan on August 18.

Evil Geniuses – Zai

After multiple rumours, it’s finally been confirmed that Zai will be leaving Evil Geniuses. A Facebook post from EG says zai will be “departing the team in order to pursue new opportunities.”

TNC – Kipspul

Kipspul has announced that he will be leaving TNC. In a tweet, he says that he has “decided to leave” the team.

Alliance – Handsken, Limmp, andjonassomfan

In an official announcement, Alliance have confirmed that Handsken, Limmp, andjonassomfan will be leaving the team. The announcement contains official statements from all three departing team memebers.

Alliance say they will confirm their new lineup in the coming weeks.

Infamous – Timado

Timado has tweeted his departure from Infamous, saying “Thanks@Infamous_GGfor this great experience, wish the best to my ex teammates. Ready for the new season.”

OG – Ana (Updated)

Ana has tweeted to say he’ll be taking a break from competitive Dota for the 2017/18 season.

OG confirmed that Anatan “Ana” Pham would be moving on via Facebook. They note that he was an “invaluable teammate” and that they will miss him. Ana also thanks the team in a quote from him so the split seems amicable.

Before this, the manager of Team Empire suggested via theVKsocial network that Ana would be leaving OG. Ana also removed all mention of OG from hisTwitter.

Execration – Nando

A Facebook post by Execration has confirmed that Nando has been released from the team. He will be replaced by Gabbi, a former member of Execration.

DC – DuBu (Rumour)

Dubu has removed his DC banner from his Twitter page. He has also changed his Twitter profile name to read Mvp.DuBu.

SG Esports – c4t

SG have announced via Facebook that they will be “releasing” c4t, the team’s captain during the 2016/17 season, from the team.

Team Secret – KheZu and MP

As part of Team Secret’s post-International changes, they have announced via Facebook that “as of today Maurice ‘KheZu’ Gutmann and Noa ‘MP’ Pyo will be stepping down from the active team.”

Na’vi – Biver and Pakjatt

Biker and Pakjatt are leaving Na’vi according to an official announcement by the team. After the team failed to qualify for several major tournaments, Na’vi struggled “to find common ground on several game-related problems.” In a statement, Na’vi’s team manager, Igor “caff” Sydorenko says: “We couldn’t achieve teamwork at the necessary level. That’s why today Biver and Pakjatt leave our team.”

Cloud9 – PieLieDie (Rumour)

Cloud 9 player PieLieDie has removed any mention of the team from his Twitter account, removing his header image as well as editing his bio.

Cloud9 – FATA (Rumour)

FATA has unfollowed two of his Cloud9 team-mates on Twitter, prompting speculation that he has left the team. EternalEnvy has also followed a group of potential mid lane replacements for FATA.

Cloud9 – MSS (Rumour)

MSS has removed his Cloud9 banner from his Twitter profile, prompting speculation he may be leaving the team. Somewhat cryptically, he also tweeted “this is just the beginning” earlier today.

Players joining teams


OG – Resolut1on

In a Facebook post, OG have confirmed that Resolut1on will be joining the team from Team Empire.

Evil Geniuses – Fear

In an official announcement, EG have confirmed that Fear will be coming out of retirement (and his role as the team’s coach) to return to active gameplay duties.

The announcement also mentions some role changes for EG, saying “[Fear’s] experience as one of the most versatile and consistent players the game has ever seen makes him a natural fit to assume the role of captain, drafter, and Position 5 support for our roster. Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen, will be moving to the Position 4 support role in order to accomodate this switch.”

Alliance – Loda

In an official announcement, Alliance confirmed that they would be entirely rebuilding their Dota 2 roster, and as such alll five players have now left the team. Meanwhile, Loda will be returning as team captain for the new season.

Infamous – hFn (Rumour)

Infamous’ Matthew has said on a Twitch stream that he will be playing with hFn in the new season.

Na’Vi – Yoky and fng (Rumour)

fng, who used to paly for Team Spirit, posted this tweet, apparently listing the Na’Vi team for the 2017/18 season. The list includes the three current Na’Vi players, as well as fng himself and Yoky.

Execration – Gabbi

A Facebook post from Execration confirms Gabbi will be returning to Execration, following the departure of Nando from the team.

Mineski – iceiceice and Jabz

A tweet by Mineski manager Yammerz confirmed the team’s full line up for the new season, bringing in iceiceice, formerly of EHOME, and Jabz.

Team Secret – New players (Rumour)

According to a Twitch comment by KheZu, “the people joining secret haven’t played in secret before.”

Evil Geniuses – MiSeRy (Rumour)

The manager of Team Empire has suggested via the VK social network that Rasmus “MiSeRy” Philipsen might make a move to Evil Geniuses. Given MiSeRy’s tendency to play several roles in the past, it’s difficult to know who he is likely to replace.

Penta – rmN

Penta sports have confirmed on Twitter that they have signed Roman ‘rmN’ Paley.

Team Spirit – Biver and iltw

A tweet from Russian Dota 2 caster Rustam Mavliutov seems to suggest that Biver and iltw will be joining Team Spirit. His tweet contains the two names as well as the three pre-existing members of the team.

DC – MSS and Moonmeander (Rumour)

Alongside the possibility that MSS is leaving Cloud9, Moonmeander posted a snapchat of the player captioned “DC MSS,” which some have taken to mean that the two could be set to join DC.

This move has been corroborated bylgdamefan.

Team Secret – Zai (Rumour)

The manager of Team Empire has suggested via the VK social network that Ludwig “zai” Wahlberg will replace Maurice “KheZu” Gutman in Team Secret, following the departure of the latter, confirmed via Facebook.

Teams that are disbanding


Planet Odd

Planet Odd are disbanding, according to a post on Facebook. Having narrowly failed to qualify for this years’ International, management say they have mutually agreed to part ways with the roster.


Cloud 9 will no longer field a Dota 2 team. The esport has been removed from their website, giving more weight to rumours of the departures of PieLieDie, FATA and MSS.

SG E-sports

In a Facebook post, SG e-sports have announced that “at the request of the althletes themselves, all of our two teams are released to follow their personal paths as they see fit.”

Drop period rumours and information are coming to light all the time. We’ll do our best to keep this list as up-to-date as possible.