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Dota 2’s Springcleaning Update adds loads of feature and balance changes

Spring cleaning update

Valve have launched the Dota 2 Spring Cleaning Update 2018. Ushering in a bunch of bug fixes and quality of life changes, each year the update aims to clear out some of the cobwebs from the game.

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The update focuses primarily on a variety of of new features and UI improvements. Most notable are the redesigned player profiles, which include several new features, as well as many that have been requested by the community. To keep up with Dota’s new two-week patch schedule, the client will notify you about changes to heroes in your games. There’s also a new Last Hit Trainer, accessible in the Learn tab or while queuing for a game, to help you get your CS up to scratch.

But that’s not all! Buyback notifications have been improved, an esports tab has been added to make sure you never miss a pro match, and you can now see your allies’ teleport status. There are now dedicated servers for custom games (and a revamp of the custom game arcade), your chosen language will now play a greater part in matchmaking, and consistently toxic players will be subject to six month bans.

Somehow, there’s still more. Teleports will now be colour-coded to make it easier to see who’s coming to your aid, towers will deteriorate as they take more damage, you have the option to redeliver courier items more easily, and Valve have instituted a ready check to make sure your matches fill up.

This year’s update also includes balance patch 7.08, with changes to a whole bunch of items and heroes. The biggest of those seem to be to Alchemist and Medusa, but there are also notable changes to Morphling and Omniknight. You can check out all of the changes featured throughout both the Spring Cleaning Update and the 7.08 patch here.