ESPN2's coverage of the Dota 2 International is just too much for some viewers

Dota 2 International on ESPN 2

The growth of eSports, you could assume, has laid to rest the tired old arguments of what constitutes a sport and how Dota 2 or League of Legends don’t fit the bill. There are fewer and fewer things that separate traditional sports and eSports, and the latter becomes more like the former every year. 

It looks like there are still plenty of folk who aren’t ready for eSports to be considered real sports, however. And there are quite a few who are genuinely outraged, because outrage is a compelling hobby. The Dota 2 International has been airing on ESPN2, and people have taken to Twitter to express just how devastating this is. 

Redditor niknarcotic posted an image collecting some of the most amusing reaction tweets to ESPN2’s coverage. It’s wonderful; a kaleidoscope of confusion, anger and bemusement. 

There's this fellow, who has never watched a game of darts. 

Another tweet suggests it's worse that women’s basketball, which is obviously not a sport because some of the players have boobs. 

And of course, there's concern over the weight of "nerds"

But most of all, people are just really, really baffled. 

But what’s great about these tweets is that we can just sit back and have a good old chuckle. eSports fill out arenas, get millions of viewers and even if they weren’t on ESPN, they’re still covered widely in other media and through streaming. 

The time when eSports needed to fight for recognition is behind us. Mainstream acceptance isn’t necessary, even if it can be reassuring. 

The grand finals kick off tonight, and you can watch them along with us.

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xNuke avatarunwanted avatar
xNuke Avatar
2 Years ago

It's just a matter of time before people understand what eSports is (And how big it is). Thanks to ESPN for making eSports in TV a reality!

Now if only I had access to ESPN2/3 where I live :(

unwanted Avatar
2 Years ago

What's funny about this is ESPN ruined that word a loooong time ago. This is the same station that shows people shoving hot dogs down their throats and called that a sport. I mean, I heard someone say that their opponent was a good eater...what the hell?

So yeah, we are way past the word sport being ruined.

unwanted Avatar
2 Years ago

Double post?