Popular eSports team Natus Vincere becomes Na`Vi.G2A in key reseller sponsorship deal


Na’Vi have strengthened their sponsorship ties with key reseller site G2A in a deal that will result in “more ambitious projects”. Expect to see Na`Vi.G2A in player handles from here on out.

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“Don’t be surprised if you come across the name Na`Vi.G2A in the news,” said Na’Vi in anofficial update. “On 5th July 2016 G2A became the title sponsor of Ukraine Na`Vi, which means that from now on G2A will be supporting [the] eSports team even more actively and this sponsorship will make even greater contribution to the eSports development in Russia and worldwide.

“The Ukraine Na`Vi and G2A partnership began over a year ago. In early 2015, G2A acquired official Ukraine Na`Vi partner status. Since then countless G2A Gift Cards have been presented to our fans as well as innumerable games, keys and skins have been sold and bought at really good prices.

“As G2A and Ukraine Natus Vincere constantly developed their relationship and values they decided that it’s time for even more ambitious projects.”

Looking at the header image on the announcement, these projects could perhaps include some kind of Loot Crate-style mystery box, but that’s just speculation. Whatever the plans, it’s interesting timing, as G2A has been uin the news a lot over the past few months, forstolen game keysbeing resold on the platform. Some developers even said they wouldrather people pirated their game than bought through G2A.

A while back,Riot Games banned G2A from sponsoring LoL teams, but it does look like they’ve been takingsteps to legitimise businesslately.

A fan on Twitter asked Na’Vi if they read the news, to which they replied “what’s wrong with [G2A]?”

“This is a new level of the partnership between G2A and Ukraine Natus Vincere, so now we will be able to make even greater contribution to the eSports development,” says Na`Vi Ukraine CEO Alexander «ZeroGravity» Kokhanovskyy on the deeper sponsorship ties. “Our goals are ambitious, so many interesting projects are waiting for us both in the nearest future.”

“Ukraine Na`Vi has been one of our earliest partners in eSports,” adds David Rozek, chief marketing officer of G2A. “The cooperation solidifies our commitment to their growth as they make a positive mark in the industry. Expect great things from G2A and Ukraine Na`Vi collaboration to help further grow eSports worldwide.”