Red Bull Battle Grounds adds a Dota 2 tournament circuit; grand final kicks off on May 10th

Red Bull Battle Grounds: Dota 2

It looks like Red Bull Battle Grounds is getting bigger this year, spreading to a new city and adding a new game to the roster. The new city is San Francisco, where the first Red Bull Battle Grounds: Dota 2 grand final will take place on May 10th. After that, the second tournament circuit will kick off, with StarCraft II returning. 

Red Bull Battle Grounds: Dota 2 will see 20 teams beat the crap out of each other over a $75,000 prize, culminating in a one day grand final on May 10th.

The 20 teams will be whittled down to five over a series of online matches split by region (North America, China, South East Asia, EU and CIS), and then on May 5th, the five surviving teams will duke it out in the playoffs in Santa Monica, where they’ll represent their regions.

Red Bull will be mixing things up a bit for the playoffs. Each team member will have three lives, and the teams will have an opportunity to select an opposing team for battle. Some grudge matches may be on the cards.

Two teams will walk out of the playoffs and into the grand finals on May 10th. The final battle will take place at The Warfield Theater in San Francisco in front of an audience, there in person or watching online. Tickets for the final are on sale now.