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The Dota 2 International prize pool has eclipsed $10 million dollars

Dota 2 International 2015 $10 Million

As if there was any doubt. The Dota 2 International prize pool, in the early hours of the morning, reached $10 million dollars. It’s now less than $800,000 away from beating last year’s amount, and we’ve still got over 60 days to go until the event begins.

I had written only four weeks ago that the pool had reached $5 million dollars, and in that time it’s doubled.

Last year’s Dota 2 International ended up with $10.9 million dollars; the biggest eSports prize pool in history. But at the rate at which the current pool is climbing, combined with over two months left to go, Valve’s stretch goal of $15 million dollars might not be so naive after all.

What do you think the final number will be?