Darer replace entire Dota 2 team with local Bulgarian palyers


Darer have dropped their entire Dota 2 team and replaced them with homegrown Bulgarian players not known on a global scale.

Darer’s Dota 2 lineup was formed of Ukranian and Russian players, many formerly of Moscow 5 – who also dropped their entire roster recently – and they claim this is one of the major reasons for the change “The fact that we are an organization based in Bulgaria and all our players were from Ukraine and Russia creates some logistic problems when it comes to boot camps, traveling, social activities, etc.”

Though, according to Darer team manager ‘Ballsohard’ – who broke the news– it wasn’t the only reason: ”
Some players just can’t work in a team with others.”

The new team has been revealed as:
Georgi “Noes” Shushev (captain)
Andrey “Grumpy” Lukarov
Sava “SavaDoom” Barbarov
Edgar “FirFo” Yukams
Alexander “Hawkeye” Yanev