Dota 2 Korean servers now accessible to all; Nexon’s “No Foreigners Allowed” policy ends


Nexon are no longer preventing non-Korean citizens from using their service, following pressure from Valve. Now anyone based in Korea is able to access the Dota 2 servers and the low latency they provide.

Back in June, Valve and Nexon signed a deal to have the Korean games publisher provide local servers to better support Dota 2. Koreans were able to play Dota 2 before this but they had to access servers hosted in distant parts of the world leading to high pings and laggy games. Nexon’s servers were to fix all that.

To access the Nexon servers players needed to link their Nexon account with their SteamID, allowing the game to populate its server list with the more local servers.

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The problem arose when non-Korean citizens tried to sign up for Nexon accounts. The publisher wouldn’t allow it. This became known on Reddit as Nexon’s “No Foreigners Allowed” policy. If you couldn’t get a Nexon account then you had to continue connecting to the laggy North American servers. Valve took notice of the problem and contacted Nexon.

In the month since the issue was first raised on Reddit, Nexon have decided to revise their policy allowing anyone to create a Nexon account, access their servers, and play Dota 2 with an ace ping.

Redditor Tagus has posted images showing how good a ping s/he is able to get with Nexon’s servers.

Nice work Reddit, Valve, and Nexon.